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Guatemala Renacimiento FTO

Region: Solola

Growers: Xojola Commun

Total Production Volume: 300 bags pa

Coffee Varieties: Bourbon and Kent

Harvest Period: October - November

Processing Method: Washed and patio dried

Altitude: 1500 meters

Certification: Fairtrade Organic

Tasting Notes: Cherry aroma, rasperry acidity, toffee sweetness, chocolate, creamy mouthfeel

Renacimento Co-Op has 68 members who work together to produce 300 bags per harvest. Eight of these members are employed by the Co-Op to look after the drying patio, help with growing, harvesting and processing, and to also maintain and grow the communal organic fertiliser stock. The members cultivate and share the fertiliser using resources sourced from their farms, they are taught how to contribute and build on the fertilisers and how to utilise the program to produce the best results. All the farms are shade grown and also produce bananas, have a bee keeping program for pollination and to produce honey for export.

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