Sumatra Kerinci Honey

Sale price$18.30

Size: 250g
Grind Type: Whole Bean

Region: Kerinci Valley, West Sumatra

Producer: Smallholder farmers

Coffee Varieties: Various cultivars

Processing method: Honey (Dry Hulled)

Altitude: 1200 - 1600 m.a.s.l.

Grade: 1 (double-picked)

Profile: Sweet & floral; spices; green pepper; cardamom; herbs; fruit infusion

For this particular microlot, ripe cherries are depulped and afterwards dried on parchment with a little remainder of mucilage - this process is known as "honey" and gives the beans a sweeter, complex taste.

These guides serve as a good place to start

Brew Guide

The grinder you use, coffee you choose, and yes, even the water from your sink, can alter the taste in the cup. Every machine is different, so you'll want to think of these parameters more as guidelines than law.

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Creating a roaster that is fuelled on bioenergy is a world first in the coffee roasting industry, and is something we are very proud of here at Sprocket. This advancement in roasting technology means end of life products like spent coffee grinds, along with a wide range of other organic material that usually ends up in landfill, are turned into fuel to power the roaster. Coffee magic?! Most certainly ... coupled with sound engineering and a whole lot of TLC in every small batch we roast.