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Tanzania Uru

Region: Kilimanjaro

District: Moshi Rural

Village: Uru

Cultivated area: 150 hectares

Coffee Varieties: Bourbon and Kent

Harvest Period: July - December

Processing method: Home Processed (fully washed)

Altitude: 1,400 meters

Profile:  Golden honey, forest berries, blackberry, hints of dark chocolate

Uru North cooperative is a joint venture of three villages based in Moshi rural district in Kilimanjaro region.  The individual cooperatives have been established since the 1960’s and combined their forces during the 1990’s. The varieties of coffee grown by the member farmers are the traditional Bourbon and Kent which were introduced into the region by missionaries during the 1900’s. The average size of the farms is below 0.5 hectares and the farms are usually intercropped with bananas, avocado and beans. In addition most of the farms have some livestock such as chickens, pigs, goats and cows, which provide a valuable source of organic manure which feeds the trees.

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