Sprocket Roasters

About Us

Chemical engineering, conservation, carbon-neutral technology and... coffee? Our aim at Sprocket Roasters is to mix creativity with sound scientific principles, bringing you the best beans roasted in the most sustainable way. We have designed and patented a technological breakthrough that enables our fluid bed roaster to run on biofuels and café waste.

Forged in the industrial heart of Newcastle, Sprocket Roasters’ award winning coffee is brought to you by a rogue collective – engineers, farmers, lawyers, viticulturists – who have quit our day jobs as we have a consuming passion for all things coffee.  Our objective at Sprocket is to ensure our beans are sourced ethically and roasted with as little environmental impact as possible.

Whether you need it to warm you up after a surf, keep you awake on the dogwatch or maybe just sip in your backyard in your underwear, we’ve got a blend that’s right for you. So step out into this big, wild world with a cup full of Sprocket in the morning... because our roasting process has your carbon footprints covered!