Step inside the party!

Just as the Milky Way luminously bands across the night sky, this blend will dabble and dance across your palate to disrupt your whole scene!


Sprocket Fuel Cold Brew - Fire up, baby!

This little pocket rocket is guaranteed to add some charge to your day.


Across the Universe with Atomic 3

Flavours are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup; apricot, macadamia, forest fruits and chocolate malt.


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Sprocket Coffee Roasts

Light Dark
Ethiopia GujiEthiopia Guji
Ethiopia Guji Sale priceFrom $18.30
Sprocket EspressoSprocket Espresso
Sprocket Espresso Sale priceFrom $16.50
Orbit 257Orbit 257
Orbit 257 Sale priceFrom $16.50
Supa NovaSupa Nova
Supa Nova Sale priceFrom $16.50
Milky Way | Coffee BlendsMilky Way | Coffee Blends
Milky Way | Coffee Blends Sale priceFrom $16.50
Brazil Serra DoceBrazil Serra Doce
Brazil Serra Doce Sale priceFrom $16.50
Colombia Popayan Huila SupremoColombia Popayan Huila Supremo
Colombia Popayan Huila Supremo Sale priceFrom $18.10
Cosmic | Coffee BlendsCosmic | Coffee Blends
Cosmic | Coffee Blends Sale priceFrom $16.50
Green Galaxy FTOGreen Galaxy FTO
Green Galaxy FTO Sale priceFrom $18.10
Peru Alto Palomar FTO
Peru Alto Palomar FTO Sale priceFrom $18.10
Atomic Three | Coffee BlendsAtomic Three | Coffee Blends
Atomic Three | Coffee Blends Sale priceFrom $16.50
Sprocket Rocket | Coffee BlendsSprocket Rocket | Coffee Blends
Sprocket Rocket | Coffee Blends Sale priceFrom $16.50
Italian Espresso | Coffee BlendsItalian Espresso | Coffee Blends
Italian Espresso | Coffee Blends Sale priceFrom $16.50
Papua New GuineaPapua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Sale priceFrom $18.10

6 Million Tonnes

Of spent coffee grounds are produced each year in Australia, with over 90% going to landfill.

Our patented roaster uses spent grinds and other organic biofuel to fuel our coffee roaster.



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”Local coffee company Sprocket Roasters visits Parliament House to discuss unique, sustainable technique”

”The coffee bean roaster significantly reduces incidents of over-cooking, and reduces gas emissions with smart reuse of exhaust gases.”

”Sprocket Roasters for a feel-good, (the roaster runs on biofuel) buzz. They also do terrific tea!”

Pioneering Sustainable Coffee Roasting (That’s Us!)

Not your typical barista-turned-coffee-roaster story, Sprocket’s founders are made up of a couple of hard yakka Aussie farmers turned chemical engineers, a viticulturalist with an MBA and a Canuk expat with a law degree.


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What our Sprocketeer Community is saying…


“Cosmic Blend Is Our Favourite”

Best coffee ever, we can’t survive without our daily sprocket coffee, Cosmic blend is our favourite.

- Suzanne Perry

“ I Love The Milky Way”

Amazing Coffee, the customer service is next level.

- Jarrod Fordham

“Awesome Coffee Bean Roasters”

If you are serious about coffee, go here. They roast weekly.

- Ryan Gough

“Easily The Best Coffee In Newcastle”

Love buying their bags of whole beans to take home.

- James Holburn

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