Single Origin Coffee

Our Single Origin Coffee Beans

Take a little trip [on Sprocket’s supersonic rocket ship] and discover the unique flavours of our single origin coffee beans! Our single origins are harvested and sourced from some of the world’s most highly regarded coffee-growing regions. Each bean tells a story of its own, capturing the distinctive characteristics of its homeland, from the soil and climate to the cultivation methods used. Brewing with single origin coffee is a fantastic way to discover the nuances of each coffee growing region and support traceability as it moves from farm to cup. There are so many layers to an epic coffee experience – the farmland and soil it’s grown in, the bean variety and cultivar, the people harvesting the crop, the climate in which the beans are grown, the processing methods used. Sprocket is constantly striving to acknowledge these distinctions in our roasting process and do justice to the hard-working folk producing these incredible single origins for us. Whether you prefer the chocolatey, full-bodied flavours of our South American and PNG origins, or the fruitier, delicate notes of our African varieties, Sprocket has got a single origin to suit every preference. The challenge now will be picking your favourite – good luck!