V60 Brew Guide


  • V60
  • Scales
  • Fresh coffee beans
  • Adjustable burr grinder
  • Kettle
  • Filtered water

Ratio: Approximately 

  • 15g coffee to 250g water (one cup). Use 30g of coffee to 500ml water for two cups.
  • Extraction: 3 minutes

Grind: Medium (on the fine side of medium)

Water temperature: Dark roast 80 to 90oC, medium 90 to 95oC, light roasts 100oC (boiling point). Try to use water as hot as possible; if using a darker roast, it is okay to wait 20 seconds or so to allow to cool prior to pouring. If brewing from very lightly roasted coffee, the hotter the better.


  1. The process will take about five steps. Your aim is to divide the extraction into blocks, ideally about 50g segments (for a one cup coffee ratio)
  2. Add paper to the V60 and rinse paper with hot water to preheat the V60. Preheating ceramic and glass V60 apparatuses is very important and will require boiling water. A plastic V60 will preheat much easier and can be preheated with hot tap water. 
  3. Add grinds into the centre and create a well in the middle of the coffee with your finger. This will help evenly saturate all the grounds in the bloom phase.
  4. Place the V60 and coffee on the scales then zero.
  5. Once water has boiled, add the first 50g of water directly from the kettle and pour relatively close to the coffee in a circular motion. 
  6. Swirl the V60 around to gently mix and then let bloom for 45 seconds.
  7. Now pour the next 50g of water to take the total volume up to 100g. Total brew time should now be about 1 minute. Pause for 10 seconds. 
  8. Add the next 50g of water (150g water or 60% to total weight). Pause for 10 seconds.
  9. Add the next 50g of water (200g total water or 80% of total weight). Pause for 10 seconds.
  10. Add the final 50g of water (250g in total water or 100% of total weight). 
  11. Total time should now be around 2 minutes. Gently swirl and wait.
  12. The final drawdown of the water into your cup should take about 1 minute (total extraction time should be around 3 minutes).