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Sprocket Roasters

Cold Brew

Cold Brew

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Blast off with Sprocket Fuel and prepare to have your hair blown back...

Our fresh, 100% Arabica slow brewed coffee beans are immersed in filtered cold water for 18 hours, creating a rich and highly caffeinated concentrate elixir that is sure to fire you up. This tall, dark bottle is never bitter and sure to please. Extremely low acidity in comparison with hot brewed coffee and surprisingly sweet, it will have you seeing stars in no time!

Method: enjoy on its own, served over ice, mixed with milk, topped with water, poured over ice cream, into your morning yoghurt and granola, shaken into an espresso martini, as a base for your Nona's secret tiramisu recipe...the possibilities are endless! Also tastes delicious with alternative milk options due to the lower acidity. A house fav over here that keeps our team fuelled all year long!

Cold brew concentrate can last for 4-6 weeks in the fridge. Depending on how heavy handed you are with your pouring, you will get 5 to 10 serves out of a 500mL bottle. Funnelling it whilst doing handstands optional, consume responsibly ;)

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