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Gifting Made Easy: I-Love-You-More-Than-Coffee Box

Gifting Made Easy: I-Love-You-More-Than-Coffee Box

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You know your coffee-loving partner better than anyone - but somehow, that doesn't make gift giving any easier! Struggle no more, Sprocket is here! Perfectly romantic, but practical, this deluxe coffee gift is sure to please you both for weeks to come. Featuring our award-winning, signature blends (250g x 8 - Atomic, Cosmic, Italian, Milky Way, Orbit, Sprocket Espresso, Supa Nova and Rocket) nestled in hessian, this sampling pack will keep you well stocked and elevate you to rock-star-partner gifting status.  

Ordering Instructions:

Please drop us a message in the "notes" section on checkout if you would like this ground for a particular brewing apparatus - i.e. plunger, home espresso, AeroPress, stovetop, etc. - and we can grind to order. Otherwise we will send out as whole bean if we don't hear from you!

If you would like to swap a decaf in as one of the blends, please let us know and advise which bag you would like removed in it's in place.

*This can also be straight sent to the recipient with a personalised message included in the box; please write your message in the notes section when placing your order so we can help you deliver some gifting cheer straight to the recipient's door. Insert happy dance!

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