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Tea Infusers (Silicone)

Tea Infusers (Silicone)

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Egg Shape Silicone Infuser from Tea Tonic:

Pinch the silicon egg to release the stainless steel infusing basket. Fill basket with tea and pinch the silicon head again to reattach. Place inside your cup and continue to make your favourite tea.


Rainbow Unicorn Tea Infuser from Tea Tonic:

This fun and happy Unicorn Infuser will spark your imagination and brew a perfect cup of tea. Add a little magic to your tea with this silicon unicorn infuser. Pull apart this food safe unicorn and fill the bottom half with your favourite Tea Tonic loose leaf tea. Reassemble, latch it over your cup, add hot water and hey presto - a cup of tea and a smile. A perfect gift to brighten someone's day.

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